Like Going Back to the Future Man to Make His Story History

Now of the two letterings you do Hear in the pronunciation of the word HEART, the “T” is not Heard within..., as believed..., it is an added letter to help identify the location in you to Hear Him speaking to ...

Like Going Back to the Future Man   to Make His Story History

Marketing headline: What is The Purpose?Understanding is The Purpose, that without it you can't really say you Know The Purpose. Understanding Him is the Spirit You Live in given to Me only via Him of Himself. For Life, like Understanding is given you by Grace and not of Works. Now if I ask you "What is the Purpose"? You can't just say"Understanding,"forWhat is, or better than that,Who is,that do you truly..., Understand? LIFE TRUTH Yah - Weh WAY John out in 14:4-9 I Kings (3:7) 3rd To truly know if you've found the"Way"can only be found in the pronunciation of His Name, for theWayinand theWehoutis how you know it is theTruthin your breath.., ofLife. Psalms 150:6

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