Chronic Pain and Family

In short, this single mother is confronted with a chronic psychiatric condition, an intractable pain problem, ... and the painful rheumatological condition, combined with problematic children, make her family situation extraordinarily ...

Chronic Pain and Family

Chronic pain affects every facet of a patient’s life, and nowhere is this more evident than in the complex arena of family life. Chronic Pain and Family: a Clinical Perspective examines typical family issues associated with prolonged illness, offering realistic ways to approach them in therapy. Informed by current practice and his own experience, noted author/clinician Ranjan Roy brings fresh insights to common pain scenarios and therapeutic impasses, and provides a framework for assessing marital and family relationships when chronic pain is a defining factor. Clinicians will get not only a clearer understanding of sensitive issues, but also effective strategies for engaging clients without turning them off. Coverage includes: - Meanings of pain in relationships - "Who Does What?": exploring changes in family roles - Resistance to treatment: why it occurs and how to work through it - Health concerns and other burdens on well spouses and children - Sexuality, domestic abuse, and other "silent" issues - Case examples demonstrating therapy step-by-step with a range of couples and families For therapists and social workers who deal with this growing population of patients, Chronic Pain and Family: A Clinical Perspective stands at a unique intersection of pain/disability and family resources. Roy’s recognition of the family’s changing demographics together with his synthesis of clinical knowledge make the book suitable for graduate-level courses as well.

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