A Waning Gibbous Moon

(gives up, slowly walking next to Cooper, they stand side by side looking down at the traffic below) Cooper: (after a pause) The waning gibbous moon is caused by... Mark (snippy)...the moon's motion around the earth, ...

A Waning Gibbous Moon

Get the script for A WANING GIBBOUS MOON by Joe Marshall. Mark, a young gay man and professional dancer, shares a Sutton Place Apartment with Stan, an interior designer. On the hunt for true love, Mark rejects an opportunity with fellow dancer Rick, and Cooper, an older straight friend who Mark secretly dreams about. When he finds himself in what he believes is unrequited love, the only fulfillment Mark finds is in his dreams, where he enjoys private intimate dances under a waning gibbous moon. "A Waning Gibbous Moon" is a gay romantic comedy from award-winning playwright Joe Marshall ("The Gayest Christmas Pageant Ever!," "A Night in Vegas," "Dirty Secrets"). It's a play with integrated dance, a full expression of dialogue and movement, where the dancing pushes the narrative forward and is an integral part of the overall production.

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