Nature s Secret Messages Large Print 16pt

Mother Nature's medicine is from food, plants, and herbs. Her secrets are revealed to us through intuition and the wisdom handed down by those who have studied its medicinal properties. Unfortunately, there's less financial profit in ...

Nature s Secret Messages  Large Print 16pt

'This book is a page-turner - endlessly fascinating, totally compelling, and incredibly informative. I could not put it down.''rory Freedman, Co-author of New York Times best seller Skinny Bitch. Enjoy the fun and intrigue of unraveling nature's clues that fill you with awe, inspiration, and healing. This fascinating book combines ancient wisdom with modern research, and science with imagination. Connect to the wonder you felt as a child, and emulate how Nature wisely deals with change and adversity. Nature is the ultimate example in how to live well and thrive. Albert Einstein said, ''look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.'' This fascinating book will arouse your curiosity by combining ancient wisdom with modern research, and imagination with science, to help you love Nature and your food in a whole new way. You'll discover how to . . .Recognize divine designs, hidden in plain sight, to forge a more profound mind-body-soul connection with the environment Look at food in new (actually, ancient) ways and choose self life over shelf life Cope with change, challenges, and time pressures by asking, What would Nature do? Become aware of what society is doing to the environment, and learn easy green solutions to save money and help the planet.Exercises throughout the book will empower you to tune in to Nature's wisdom in order to develop a healthier mind, body, soul, and planet.''With a dash of tongue-in-cheek cheer, actress and PhD-carrying naturopath Wilkes offers a thorough, clear-cut and well-illustrated introduction to holistic medicine, natural eating and the benefits of mindfulness.''''this wise, brave, magically simple and inspiring book will help us all reconnect with the soul of nature, and work together to preserve the environment and the human adventure.''- Andrew Harvey, New York Times best selling author Author of The Hope a Guide to Sacred Activism'.

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