Orbital Volume 4 Ravages

Runberg, Pellé. D. s. A V M. o oo: PELLE o, C. M. I. P. T. o/LVI Mossos- o |Ross/L H. `s 4. RA. WAGES 9. CINEBOOK_ The 9th Art Pub I is her Original title: Orbital 4Ravages Original edition: © Dupuis,

Orbital   Volume 4   Ravages

The unexplained deaths in the mangrove have not deterred authorities: The ceremonies will go on as planned in Kuala Lumpur, despite Mezoke’s resistance and growing disagreement with Caleb. But the official optimism is soon dampened by news of further destruction, closer to the city. And when Nina and Angus return with the identity of the killer, an old enemy of the Confederation, the agents will be forced to act in desperation—and, maybe, to pay the ultimate price.

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