The Blue Hand

Old Don knows the nature of high stakes gambling, that's why he created Carmichaels. Play will be fair, ... A little different than the shorter, fatter version I was familiar with. There was a rare, ... I noticed 127 The Blue Hand.

The Blue Hand

This is not the usual pool hustler book. The Blue Hand is ground zero for a new generation of pool hero. Pool hustlers, or road players, always tell their tales of big adventure in different towns. The Blue Hand is the story of a few friends and their lives in one of those small towns. Carmichaels is the pool hall where top pool hustlers stop every year for a shot at quick money. Some of them find it, some do not. Russian and Colombian crime lords have ties to this town too. They underestimated these few locals and after a pool game ends violently, revenge soon becomes war. It is a dark story about pool playing, pot growing alcoholics. There is sex, and death, and illegal and dangerous drugs. Tommy has a desire to be the best pool player he can be, playing until his hands are stained blue with pool chalk. Frisk grew up in the fields of Colombia, has mysterious connections and he is deadly. Lenny knows where to grow fields of pot and Franco knows how. These guys play pool, grow weed, sell hash, drink constantly, and generally find new ways to just keep on going as if nothing had happened.

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