The Eye in the Door

Six rows of windows, small and close together, like little piggy eyes. ... Then he held the door of the women's block open for her, and this time she blushed instead of bridling, since the gesture was being offered in a different spirit ...

The Eye in the Door

The Eye in the Door is the second novel in Pat Barker's classic Regeneration trilogy. WINNER OF THE 1993 GUARDIAN FICTION PRIZE. London, 1918. Billy Prior is working for Intelligence in the Ministry of Munitions. But his private encounters with women and men - pacifists, objectors, homosexuals - conflict with his duties as a soldier, and it is not long before his sense of himself fragments and breaks down. Forced to consult the man who helped him before - army psychiatrist William Rivers - Prior must confront his inability to be the dutiful soldier his superiors wish him to be ... The Eye in the Door is a heart-rending study of the contradictions of war and of those forced to live through it. 'A new vision of what the First World War did to human beings, male and female, soldiers and civilians'A. S. Byatt, Daily Telegraph 'Every bit as waveringly intense and intelligent as its predecessor'Sunday Times 'Startlingly original . . . spellbinding'Sunday Telegraph 'Gripping, moving, profoundly intelligent . . . bursting with energy and darkly funny' Independent on Sunday Other titles in the trilogy: Regeneration The Ghost Road

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