One Love

She decided the third one from the front door on the right had to be it but there were no lights on in the apartment so she could not see anything. She tried calling his cell ... She walked up to the bartender and asked if she 117 One Love.

One Love

At a sweat lodge in Alberta, Canada, married woman Lynn makes the acquaintance of the charming Owen. There is immediate attraction, and as she has become more and more unhappy in her own marriage, Lynn doesn't mind the extra attention. She heads home with plans to keep in touch with Owen, but things at home are worse than she expected. Lynn has fallen out of love with her husband, Steve, and has decided divorce is the only recourse?for their good and the good of their children. Owen is always at the back of her mind: where is he? What is he doing? Is he thinking about her? When they finally do see each other again, they must grapple with newfound feelings and a divorce that is not yet final. As years pass, Lynn finds life is different as a divorced mother of three, and although she enjoys the company of Owen, leaning on a man might not be in her best interest. She needs a spiritual journey alone to find herself and her strength. Life is not easy, and neither is love, but Lynn must learn to be strong and take whatever life gives her.

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